Silversmiths Discuss 'Made in America Week' with Matt Roberts

By: | July 21, 2017

Co-owner and Liberty Tabletop President Matt Roberts was given the opportunity to attend the ‘Made in America’ gathering at the White House on Tuesday. Roberts and other members of Liberty Tabletop were acknowledged by President Trump to be the only remaining American made flatware company in the United States. After returning back to Sherrill, New York, Roberts reflected upon his experiences in the capital and how Liberty Tabletop affects the surrounding communities, including the Sherrill Silversmiths’ baseball club. The questions and Roberts’ answers are as follows:

1. Can you talk about the experience and what it meant for Liberty Tabletop?

Roberts: The trip developed “brand awareness” to the company. Since Liberty Tabletop is a small company, and is not well known beyond the outskirts of Central New York, this experience allowed other regions of the United States to become familiar of our brand and products. Not many people actually buy silverware on a daily basis, so familiarity of our products is important moving forward.

2. What did you learn from the ‘Made in America’ experience that will potentially help Liberty Tabletop in the future?

Roberts:  The ‘Made in America’ roundtable could potentially help Liberty Tabletop in the future by once again bringing back national exposure. Politician Claudia Tenney is a highly recognized individual in Congress and throughout New York State. Her identity along with other political players that we had an opportunity to meet can increase clients and customers.. Also, the ‘Made in America’ program is committed to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. Liberty Tabletop supports this plan and hopes to see an increase of the manufactured jobs under Trump’s presidency.

3. What does it mean to you that the local NYCBL team is named after your company?

Roberts: Coming from a baseball background and a former player of the game, the Sherrill Silversmiths mean a great deal to myself and the company. The city of Sherrill was basically built by the factory. The factory essentially created jobs and helped grow the community into the city that stands today. We hope that Liberty Tabletop can help rebuild the Silversmiths’ brand, gain national recognition, and continue the upwards success that the organization has had in the past few years.

4.  Why do you think the Silversmiths are important to the surrounding community? Also, can you tie that idea in the ‘Made in America’ development?

Roberts: The history of Noyes Park is important to the surrounding community. Babe Ruth once played on the field. The idea that the community can experience history along with watching high quality baseball, is a great development in Sherrill. Also, the Silversmiths bring a community together to enjoy successful and flourishing events, like the NYCBL, which is what ‘Made in America’ is all about.

To conclude the interview, Roberts gave his final thoughts about the Silversmiths and his company. As a personal goal, he wants to become a “magnet for the community” and continue to tie together both the Silversmiths and Liberty Tabletop brands. Roberts has respect for the game of baseball and he hopes to continue to see the Silversmiths build upon the previous years and move in the right direction. He wants Noyes Park to be a place where people want to come out and watch a game. Liberty Tabletop and the Sherrill Silversmiths have become staples in the Sherrill community with the dedication and hard work from Matt Roberts.

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